Potato Principles

We like to make the humble potato shine at Meddys, and we do it in two ways.

The first is our fries, cut from 100% fresh potatoes in our kitchen. We rinse them to remove excess starch and then give them a quick dunk in our fryer to cook them most of the way through. We then hold them until you order them and fry them again, finishing the crust of the fry and making them wonderfully crunchy for your consumption. This isn't a time-saving technique -- it's just good science.

The "double-fry" technique has been used in fine dining establishments for decades, and it allows us to make sure every fry you pick up is hot and crispy. There's a heat lamp in the kitchen, but it came with the restaurant and we don't use it to keep food laying around.

The second is our garlicky potatoes. Like our fries these spuds are also twice-cooked, but here we boil them first, softening them and creating some extra texture on the exterior of the potato. We then take them for a swim in our deep fryer; the rapidly-heated moisture in the potato keeps the oil from getting in and making them greasy, and the exterior gets nice and crispy.

We toss it in a special sauce of lemon, tahini, spices, and -- of course -- lots of garlic to give you that perfect savory bite. It may take a little bit more time to cook them like this, but we think it gives you the best potato you can get.

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