Shawarma Primer: The Chicken

Shawarma Primer: The Chicken

As is the case in many traditional shawarma shops, at Meddys our vertical rotisseries are stacked high with slowly-rotating slices of beef or chicken. But while our beef round was easy to figure out, we've tinkered with our chicken recipe over the years, specifically when it comes to the combination of white and dark meat.

There's an important balance between the juicy pieces of chicken thigh and the tender lean breast meat that our customers demand, and we're always fine-tuning that balance for you. Our birds are marinated in garlic, herbs, and spices. When you order we slice the meat off the spit and finish it on the grill for a minute to provide a little bit of texture and complexity of flavor.

We place it in one of our locally-sourced pitas and top it with garlic sauce, vegetables, and our made-to-order shoestring fries. Yes, the chicken shawarma has fries in the sandwich, just like many of the traditional Lebanese shawarma shops do it today. Why? Some people think it harkens back to shawarma's typical role as street food, and how placing the fries inside the pita allows you to eat a side while you're on the go.

Other people think it might add just another textural component to the dish, making for a more interesting sandwich. We just think it tastes better that way.

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