Shawarma Primer: The Onions

Shawarma Primer: The Onions

You wouldn't think there'd be much to say about an onion, but at Meddys we treat every ingredient with the same amount of respect and focus, especially when they have as much of an important role to play. We start with red onions, highly-regarded for their color and sweetness, and we round out their flavor with a marinade of parsley and sumac.

This isn't the sumac your mom told you to avoid in the woods -- this distant relative is a popular spice made from the crushed dried berries of a plant that has been used in Mediterranean countries for thousands of years. It's acidic and tastes a little lemony, which explains why it was a popular cooking spice before lemons became cultivated in the region.

We use it instead of lemon juice for our onions to preserve their crisp texture, and the spice provides the perfect counterbalance to our rich tahini sauce. Maybe we've spent too much time thinking about such a simple ingredient, but it's just another example of how dedicated we are to ensuring you get the absolute best sandwich you can get.

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