Shawarma Primer: The Pita

Shawarma Primer: The Pita

It can go by a lot of names: man'oushe, manoosh, mana'eesh, but in Wichita it's just pita. You may wonder why the pita at Meddys is different from what you might find in other parts of the country, and it's largely due to the heritage behind John's Pita Bakery, our pita provider who's been supplying the local community with leavened flatbread for nearly 30 years.

By utilizing our neighbors in the local area we're not only giving back to the city that has supported us so well, but we also ensure we can provide the freshest quality for you. After all, our pitas are one of our most-consumed product at Meddys, whether it's wrapped around our sandwiches or used to scoop up our award-winning hummus.

The great taste of our pita isn't the only reason we love it, either: it's thinner and more flexible than the fluffy bread you may be used to, which means that it's superior for holding our sandwiches together. We pack as much shawarma and vegetables into the pita as we can, tightly roll it, then throw it on the grill to seal it up.

What you get is a portable sandwich that won't allow all of the filling to drop out of the bottom, and the thin and toothsome pita allows the freshness of the ingredients to shine in harmony. At Meddys we're obsessive about every detail because this is our passion, and you deserve nothing but the best.

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