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Review: New Meddys has nice new building, same fresh food

Meddys hummus is creamy and lemony with lots of garlic.

( Originally from The Wichita Eagle )

In a city that knows its Mediterranean food, Meddys holds its own. Its menu offers all those flavors you crave when you want Mediterranean food - hummus, shawarma, falafel - and Meddys does these flavors justice by keeping them bright and fresh.

Owner Alex Harb, who opened the first Meddys at 7906 E. Harry in 2014, added a second location in October. The new Meddys is in a fancy new building near 21st and Greenwich that looks remarkably different from the original, with tile and concrete floors, large booths and an upscale outdoor patio with a stone fireplace.

Like the original, the new Meddys is a great option for those who are looking for the tastes of the Mediterranean but are pressed for time. The service is fast and the portions are generous. Unlike the original, the new restaurant also serves wine and beer.

On the menu: Since we went at lunchtime, we decided to stick to the wrap portion of the menu. For our first entree, we ordered a chicken shawarma wrap combo with fattoush salad. The shawarma is served in a pita with lettuce, tomato, garlic sauce, shoestring fries (inside the wrap) and sliced pickles. Unfortunately, all the fries gravitated to one end of the wrap and there weren't very many, so that flavor was mostly lost.

The chicken was a little dry, but the veggies were fresh and the garlic sauce was absolutely delicious. We got some garlic sauce on the side, which helped with the dryness. The fattoush salad was dressed well - the veggies and pita chips were still crispy. We also tried the beef kefta kabob wrap, which is made of ground beef seasoned with spices, onions and parsley. The beef is skewered and grilled, then served in a pita with Meddys tahini sauce, hummus and cherry tomato-onion relish.

The flavor of the beef was wonderful - slightly sweet and well spiced. However, it was also a bit dry. We used some of the self-serve Sriracha mayo to add a little moisture. We ordered the beef wrap with a side of the garlicky potatoes, which are a must-have - crispy and packed with wonderful garlic flavor.

Finally, if you're eating Mediterranean, you have to try the hummus. It was served in a bright blue bowl and topped with paprika, olive oil, parsley and a few whole chickpeas with a side of fried and regular pita bread. The dip was creamy, with just the right amount of lemon and garlic flavor to enhance the chickpeas.

Ambiance: The new Meddys is bright and inviting with lots of windows, pale wood and decor that reflects the ingredients used in the food. Paintings of chickpeas and mason jars full of olives and pickles decorate the dining room. Although the restaurant is not large, it has a lot of seating.

Price range: A medium serving of hummus is $5 and could easily serve four people (just ask for extra pita bread when you order). Wraps are $6.50 and can be made into a combo with a side and a drink for a few dollars more. If you want to try several of Meddys offerings, get the mezze platter for $12. It includes falafel, baba ghanoush, hummus, tabbouleh, grape leaves and kibbe balls and is served with pita.

Service: Diners place their orders at the counter and food is delivered by a runner. We dined on a very busy Sunday afternoon, but the line to order moved quickly and our food was delivered in a timely manner.