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Fattoush: The official salad of Wichita

This restaurant's fattoush does seem to best fit the description of an authentic Lebanese fattoush, and I love the giant chunks of cucumber and tomato.

( Originally from The Wichita Eagle )

In Lebanon, the salad is made, most natives agree, with romaine lettuce, fresh mint, hunks of tomato, cucumber, radish, olives and crunchy pita chips. The dressing is a mixture of lemon juice, garlic, olive oil and sumac.


Alex Harb, who owns the popular Meddys at 7906 E. Harry, also is more of a fattoush purist and serves his without feta or pickles.

He also likes to prepare it the way he ate it growing up in Lebanon: 50 percent of the salad is lettuce, but the other 50 percent is chunks of tomato, cucumber and red onion. He also uses fresh mint.

Some restaurateurs bulk their salads up with lettuce, which is cheaper, Harb said. But he doesn't.

Wichitans should realize how lucky they are to have so many choices when it comes to fattoush salad and Lebanese cuisine in general, Harb said. Few cities Wichita's size are so well-versed.

"I have not been to a city who has as much good Mediterranean cuisine as Wichita does," he said. "Every time I go to a different town across the U.S., I always look for the Mediterranean places to see if they make the real deal. But Wichita always has the best."